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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION NO. ITEM DESCRIPTION 1 Material Aluminum alloy 3003, 6063,6061 2 Dimension (L*W*T) Up to 500*500*15 mm 3 Cooling Capacity 500 to 1500 W 4 Working Pressure 3 to 4 bars 5 Flatness 0.15 mm 6 Surface roughness 3.2 um 7 Flow rate 5 to 10 L/min 8 Manufacturing Method CNC machining Plus vacuum brazing 9 Joining Method Vacuum Brazing 10 Cooling Method Liquid cooling 11 Surface Finish Mill finish or anodization 12 Coolant Deionized Water,Inhibited Glycol and Water,Dielectric fluid 13 Warranty time 1 year 14 Place of Region Jiangsu province of China 15 Reference Standard GB/T 3190-2008,GB/T 14846-2008,ISO 2768       Metalli’s cold plate technologies include ◆ Vacuum brazed or controlled atmosphere brazed and CNC machined performance fin cold plates and chassis ◆ Friction Stir Welded (FSW) performance-fin cold plates and chassis ◆ flat tube cold plates ◆ Press lock Copper tubed cold plates ◆ Vacuum brazed and CNC machined copper cold plates ◆ Stamped and vacuum brazed cold plates ◆ Gun-drilled custom cold plate ◆ Custom channeled cold plate with ladder configuration ◆ Inner-Finned Brazed Cold Plates ◆ Aluminum extruded and welded or brazed cold plate ◆ Aluminum die casting and welded or brazed cold plate   ▲ Components for vacuum brazed cold plate ▲ Stamped and vacuum brazed cold plate ▲ Copper tubed cold plate   We also supply value added components as below ● Fittings and connectors ● Hoses and tubes ● Heat exchangers or radiators ● Pumps and reservoirs ● Fans ● Other accessories ▲ Radiator ▲ Pump     Brief of a liquid cooling system   A liquid cooling system is a hydraulic circuit that typically consists of a cold plate that interfaces with the heat source, a pump that circulates the fluid through the system, and a heat exchanger that rejects the heat absorbed by the liquid from the device. A cold plate can be as simple as a copper tube attached to an aluminum plate or they can be extremely complex utilizing multiple technologies to achieve optimized heat transfer. These technologies can include high heat transfer fins, highly engineered micro or meso channels, or varied manufacturing processes such as vacuum, CAB, or dip brazing.   Liquid Cooling System Considerations Allowable pressure drop, flow rate, and material compatibility should always be considered when choosing your cold plate and liquid system components. The allowable pressure drop is directly correlated with the pump and the force and flow rate at which it moves the fluid through the system. Materials and fluids need to be compatible through the entire system to prevent galvanic corrosion as well as optimizing your system for your application.   ▲ Thermal simulation for cold plate  






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